Reimbursement Strategy

FAQs for Reimbursement and Common Issues

We have settled our goal of making our clients satisfied with every offered item you will get on PurchaseTheme. Whenever you face any technical issue with any item, you are requested to contact the Seller immediately or you can write by commenting on the Item Page at the beginning.

If in any instance you do not get any response back from the Seller even after 48 hours, please contact support. We ensure you to help with the issue by contacting them on your behalf.

I response to help you on your behalf you will get instant answers to the questions. For your better understanding, we have already given some resources to the common issues that may arise:

  • The file is not opening in my program
  • I do not have the certain program for the item
  • Fonts are not displaying like glyphs/swirls/flourishes
  • The offered items are not working by the way it was supposed to be
  • The quality of the item is cheaper
  • Facing error while installing Wordpress
  • Unable to unzip the ZIP files might be corrupted
  • I think I have just purchased the wrong version or license

In PurchaseTheme we offer the digital items. So we only issue refunds if there are any technical problems with the proposed items that the Designer may unable to resolve or if the item has been misrepresented in the description.

Our refund process for the following situations are not applicable,unfortunately:

  • If you (or your client) does not need the purchased item anymore.
  • If you have found something else that you like better than the purchased one and you have changed your mind
  • If you have lack of sufficiency of expertise to use the item
  • If you have not taken the correct software to open and edit the item
  • If you have accidentally purchased the item

Every refund is at the only direction of PurchaseTheme.

The file is not opening in my program

At first, it is important to check and make sure to unzip the items. Every item in PurchaseTheme has been downloaded as ZIP files as they are compressed files. If you want to use it, first you have to unzip the file. If you want to know how to unzip your file, Learn about that from here: Windows | Mac. If your file is already unzipped but still you are experiencing trouble to open the file, then you need to check if you are opening the exact program. Some common file types are also found in the PurchaseTheme and the corresponding programs that are typically used to open such files:

  • AI, EPS by Adobe Illustrator
  • INDD by Adobe InDesign
  • PSD by Adobe Photoshop
  • DOC, DOCX by Microsoft Word
  • PPT, PPTX by Microsoft PowerPoint
  • KEYNOTE by Keynote (for Mac)
  • OTF, TTF by font, installable on all computers

I do not have the certain program for the item

If you do not have the certain copy of the necessary Adobe programs then you can download it for a free 30-day trial here. As soon as you click on the corresponding software that you want, you will be able to download a copy of the conforming program.

Fonts are not displaying like glyphs/swirls/flourishes

If your fonts are seeming to be functioning correctly, then there might be a couple of reasons and you should check on it.

At first, please check the item folder for making certain that there are no specific instructions given by the Designer.

Next, you should check the program for the font you are using it. Usually for word processing and presentation programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint programs are not the best programs to use such third-party fonts. It is just because sometimes it creates a limit to the options to the appearance of the font. The reason is, third-party fonts are never supported directly in Microsoft the Office and therefore swirls and glyph alternatives might not be available in this case. Some graphic-intensive programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign etc. can be the better choice for these type of usage as these programs are much more fortified to handle than the alternative features for the fonts that have been purchased.

The offered items are not working by the way it was supposed to be

We understand that it is disappointing when a proposed item does not work as it supposed to be. If you are undergoing with any technical concerns, we believe that 9 times out of 10 of the Designers can solve it. So you should contact the Designer directly in the first place and here your question has answered. You can make this happen by sending the designers a private message also. For this, you need to fill the message that appears on the profile page by posting it in the comments section of the item page.

The quality of the item is cheaper

For this, we would like to suggest you check the item folder to make sure that there are no multiple versions of your item. Because sometimes designers will give you a lower quality sample of the file along with the original item that ensures the higher quality. In some cases, the designer may also include it in the item folder as a rasterized graphics. This will appear as pixelated upon amplification. Conversely, into the same folder, there will also an EPS/AI file which encompasses with the scalable vector format of the similar graphic. This may allow you to resize the item without distressing any loss in quality.

Facing error while installing Wordpress

A couple of issues may work as prevention by installing the WordPress theme:

  • Please make a note that PurchaseTheme sells WordPress themes which will be hosted by you. Any of our themes are not permitted to work on You can learn more about WordPress themes/templates on our site here.
  • If any error message shown saying that there was the style.css sheet was missing, then the actual style sheet may be named as something else, and/or is located in separate CSS folder. For this, you may need to redirect your software to localize the correct style sheet from the subfolder. Unable to unzip the ZIP files might be corrupted

A few things may cause some issues. The following things that are needed to be checked:

  • Size of the original file: Check the downloaded file is in the same size as the original item file. If you find that the downloaded file is smaller than the original file then the file has not downloaded correctly.
  • The file size correct but seems like corrupted: If the file is in its original size then an error in download may occur. For this, we would like request you to download the file again and try to download it by using a download manager to avoid issues.
  • Got RAR file while trying to unzip the file: I such situation you will be required a RAR extractor for Windows | Mac.

I think I have just purchased the wrong version or license

For some instance, if you want to exchange the item because you have bought the wrong version(like PowerPoint instead of Keynote, AI instead of PSD, Standard License instead of the Extended License), for this situation we would be glad to facilitate an exchange. Please make a purchase of the item that you are intended to purchase at the first place, then write about it by letting us know about the version you meant to buy so that we can start the process the refund.

Please email us at