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Only the website owners can understand that how critical it can be to make statistics about the traffic growth and visitor sources. This also indulges itself by the view of pattern and loyalty, popular landing or exiting page and so on. However, web analytics is measurement process that can also be used as a tool for business and market research.

Web analytics application is much important for every business owners and bloggers because this helps companies to enhance their performance and such enhancement will ultimately result in traditional printing and broadcasting advertising campaigns. To analysis the advancement it is important to have a cleaver toolkit from a number of available toolkits on the internet. For having a better idea, here are the attributes of some coolest free web analytics tools:
Woopra:This one has the library rich in visitor statistics into the industry with a high volume of the intuitive and easy user interface.
Google Analytics: It is a popular web analytics tools and also very useful and comprehensive.
Clicky: This tool is good enough for showing the real-time statistics even in their own version for iPhone.
Piwik: It provides the service with detailed reports on the website with a downloadable open source of web analytics.
Yahoo! Web Analytics: Yahoo ensures with the features on analytics enterprise with the demographics and categorizes interests of the visitor interest.
WordPress.com Stats: This helps with basic user statistics and graphs that have basic analysis benefits with easy-to-use tools.
FireStats: It is completely a free version with a basic, quick and also with some useful information.
GoingUp: It is a platform that combines with all the statistical information regarding the visitors, referring URLs as well as the traffic of the search engines.
Blog Tracker: This one is an invisible tracker with a counter of blog visits and display of statistics. They also provide information about the blog performances too.
Reinvigorate: It is able to give you real-time statics. It also has a tool to alert whenever something is different or unusual is going through into the website.

All of these web analytical tools are quite helpful for your websites and blogs. These will make your website performance easier and trouble free just by analyzing and giving you the perfect result. So that you can take necessary steps whenever needed.

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