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There are other platform also available where you can sell you can sell the same things but, as there process is vary long it is hard to sell products.

Below are the list of benefits that you will get if you decided to sell your products with us:

  1. We provide attractive commission like it is always 70/30 ratio for top 50 sellers. But, if your product is sold more then costing $2000 then we increase your commission from 70% to 80% as 80% is maximum which we offer.
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  3. We do not have any fixed amount for withdrawal ie if your amount is $1 or $1000 at the end of month we send you the money to your paypal account/bank account.
  4. We also provide partnership in which if any work comes to us we recommend you. If your support rating is more then 4.5 stars.
  5. Commission rate becomes 85% but, you need to publish 5 articles in which you have to mention our name and you will be having a good free module that is having more then 1000 downloads.

We respect your hard work and will put our effort so, that the bigger part of commission will always be yours.

Best of Luck!