1. Easy & Quick Installation
You can easy install the opencart on your server. Just need extract the zip and upload the content inside the upload folder. You can find all the version using the link –

2. Development cost of Low comparision to other Ecommerce platforms like magento etc.

The development cost in opencart is very less as this is simple MVC structure so, every developer can easily understand how to create a new module/extension for the clients. But, in you will be choosing Magento as your ecommerce platform it will really hard to find a good developer who will be having good knowledge about the structure after which if the module development is anyhow completed you need to work a lot to have a good speed as you have to do lot of normalization in structure.

3. 100% Secure as it follow all PCI Rules

PCI DSS is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. Basically, if your firm is in charge of storing sensitive data in a capacity then you will need to meet the compliance according to what you are doing. PCI COMPLIANCE is the store owner’s responsibility and had nothing to do with Opencart in general.

Out of the box OpenCart is one of the most secure ecommerce platforms around. With a few tweaks you can bring that security to the next level and help keep prying eyes away from private sections of OpenCart. While the following changes are not the full scope of PCI compliance for merchants many (such as changing system defaults) are considered best practices. They are noted with (PCI) in the article. As always, to ensure compliance please
consult appropriate PCI compliance rules or professionals.

1) Enable SSL for Admin (PCI)
2) Rename the admin directory
3) Password protect the admin directory with .htaccess
4) Rename the ‘admin’ user (PCI)
5) Restrict user permissions (PCI)
6) Strong passwords (PCI)
7) Change your encryption key (PCI)
8) Disable ‘Display Errors’ (PCI)
9) Remove ‘Powered By OpenCart’

4. VQMOD & OCMOD Supported

Qmod (virtual file modification system) is a powerful system designed to help developers when they have to edit system core files. The vQmod, by it’s nature, help you alter source files without actually editing them.

All changes are saved in a temporary file which is substituted for the original during execution.

vQmod will not slow down your site. You shouldn’t be concerned about loading speeds. According to the creators of the module, the overall impact to the site won’t be noticeable and we can confirm that. In our work we were coming across websites that are using more than 20 XML scripts. Still, they were loading pretty fast.

Upgrade is hassle-free and safe . Why? Because the core files are not edited. The only thing you need to do after that is to check if the XML scripts needs changes to make them work with the new files.

Super easy for troubleshooting. There are log files and you can easily find the source of the problem.

Remove in one click. If you want to remove vQmod modifications, you just have to delete the XML script. It’s simple as that.

In fact, OCMOD is basically a stripped down version of vQmod system built into OpenCart. It works in a similar way

– modifications are stored in xml files and uploaded to the store, then parsed and applied to OpenCart core code.

Unlike vQmod, OpenCart has a built-in OCMOD modification uploader and manager. In addition to this, OCMOD allows you to specify extra SQL and PHP code to be executed during modification installation in separate install.php and install.sql files.

5. Lot of documentation, forum and Articles available

Opencart is having lots of document available right now online that will help you in managing you ecommerce store.

Opencart is also have forum in which there are lots of Active people who can answer your query in very short interval of time.

6. 2000+ Extension & Modules Available in Opencart Marketplace

Opencart have Marketplace where you can find more then 2000+ extension that help you to configure your store as per your requirement. Daily many extension uploaded in marketplace.

7. Many Free Responsive Templates Available for download

You can find many free responsive template in Opencart Marketplace and purchasetheme.com which help you to setup you store for tablets, mobile etc. Also, as they are free it will reduce your over all cost of development.

8. Multistore & Multilingual Supported System

Opencart support multistore and is multilingual so, you can setup your store in any language you want.

9. Fully Supported By SEO

Opencart is support the SEO, you can add meta description, meta keyword for each product, category, information page etc. Also, you can rewrite the url as per the name of product. Also, in Marketplace there are many extensions available free of cost that can help you to optimize your store and make more friendly for search engines.


Some of userfull extensions of opencart:

Facebook Pixel Code for Opencart – http://www.purchasetheme.com/facebook-pixel

MailChimp Integration to Opencart – http://www.purchasetheme.com/mailchimp/