Day by day the online ecommerce market is changing and we require a good ecommerce solution in which we can do quick changes, attract customers, easy to use and have open market place to buy module, extension and plugins. But after doing all these also give us revenue  as this is main goal of your chosen ecommerce platform.

So, to achieve this lot many question arises before in our mind like:

  1. Which platform to choose
  2. Which server to choose
  3. Time duration and cost of doing setup.
  4. Opencart, Magento, Shopify, Woocomerce ??

So, we would recommend to choose Opencart. Why ?

  1. Opencart is having LMVC structure. Where L stand for language where you can easily write your langauge for all the variables used inside the opencart.
  2. As this is MVC it is easy to understandable by any developer so, your cost of development is very less. Also, because of such simple structure you can easily do modification is very short interval of time.
  3. Opencart is supported by community members because of which solution of every problem is received quickly and as per your expectations.
  4. Free extensions are available to download which again makes a faster way of doing changes. The good thing about this if you install any extension it will not be doing any core modification in the files so, no worries that your files will be overwitten and code will be messed up.
  5. You website run from cache which again gives you faster way and increase loading speed.

What about security ?

100% PCI compliance

PCI DSS is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. Basically, if your firm is in charge of storing sensitive data in a capacity then you will need to meet the compliance according to what you are doing. PCI COMPLIANCE is the store owner’s responsibility and had nothing to do with Opencart in general.

Why not magento as it is having strong database structure and is more stable ??

Yes, magento is having strong database structure and is more stable. But, do you really think in the quick changing market you will be easily survive by using magneto.

  • Development cost is more
  • You can not do quick changes and for any simple modification it will take more then 8 hrs.
  • You cannot find a good developer and make your website stable as per your requirement.
  • It  is sure the website will run slow in your server until unless you choose a good server which again increases your cost.

Conclusion is that when you completely develop your magento website then, again you will find something new in market. So, we would recommend to discuss with a developer not from development point of view but, consider other think like cost, time and availability of things.

then, why not Shopify ??? ( Third Party Ecommerce Solution )

Shopify is good we are not against any ecommerce solution but again most of the vendors shown there difficulty in terms of modification of code. Shopify is third party so, you have to work according to there tags and variable so, a very limited modification a developer can do in your store. Think about before choosing as your business will be growing in future and it will be best to start is with better stable solutions