Opencart Facebook Pixel Code Installation Opencart Facebook Pixel Code
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How to Upload/Install

1. Install vqmod in your opencart. If already installed please ignore.

2. Extract the zip file.

3. Check for the version which is matching with your opencart. For version 2.2.x.x please upload the file 2.1.x.x

4. Upload the choosen file to the xml folder inside vqmod folder which will be in your root location.

5. Now, Login to your admin and go to setting.

6. In the setting section you will find the tab named facebook pixel code(s).

Setting Section Screenshot

Setting Section

Configuring the pixel code extension

1. Get the facebook pixel code from facebook.

Pixel Code

2. Put the pixel code in every coloumn conversion pixel id.

Pixel Code Coloumn

3. In the path section make sure to add the correct path.

- Home - common/home

- Search - product/search

- Cart - checkout/cart

- wishlist - account/wishlist

- Initiate Checkout - checkout/checkout

- Purchase - checkout/success

- Information - information/information

- Category - product/category

- Note: Make sure to choose event name correctly

FAQ - Solutions

Why addtocart is showing error ?

Addtocart is not showing error it will work when you hit the addtocart on product page.

After hitting the addtocart it is still not working ?

Open your facebook xml file and find the link "" in the search tag please copy the "$this->cart->add($this->request->post['product_id'], $quantity, $option, $recurring_id);" and find the code in the file "catalog/controller/checkout/cart.php". If it is not found then please copy the right code and paste in the xml file. This will fix your addtocart problem.

I did not see the facebook pixel code(s) tab in setting section.

Make sure the vqmod is working. Make sure after installation you have cleared the cached. Below screenshot.

Cache Clear
With Journal theme it is creating problem.

With Journal theme it is the same way as above step. Please clear the Journal theme cache and check the setting section.

Journal theme
How to check if it is installed ?

You need to download the chrome extension named "Facebook Pixel Helper". Below screenshot.

Facebook Pixel Helper
What is SubscribedButtonClick ?

It is default of facebook pixel code and later introduced by facebook.

Missing View Content, Product type ?

Update this line in you facebook pixel code xml - echo "fbq('track', 'ViewContent', {content_type: 'product',content_ids: ['$pid'],content_name: '$product_name',content_category:'$categoryname',value: $product_price,currency: '$symbol'})";

Getting error: The pixel is not paired with any product catalog. A relationship between a pixel and product catalog must be specified.

You need to upload facebook feed in facebook catalog so, once the id is found the error will disappear

Product Catalog


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