[Multi-Store] - Facebook Tracking Pixel and Conversion Extension



Installing this extension enables Facebook event tracking through the Facebook Pixel.

Extension also allows you to quickly implement the Facebook Pixel to track most of Facebooks's standard events Learn how it works.

After setting your Facebook Pixel ID, you may track:

- Track Visit on your Multi-Store websites
- Track Visit (code is displayed on every page)
- Track Purchases (code is displayed only upon successful checkout)
- Track Add To Cart events (code is displayed on the cart page for all added products, including related products)
- Track Add To Wishlist events
- Track Initiate Checkout events (code is displayed at the start of checkout)
- Track Product Views (code is displayed on each product page).
- Track Product Searches (code is displayed on the product search result page).

The extension works by attaching the relevant pixel code to your store's webpage, just before the closing head tag. If you have the correct pixel id installed, Facebook will do the rest.

Click here to view our Facebook Pixel Install Guide.

Tracks Currency & Grand Total
This extension supports stores with multiple currencies, and tracks both the order grand total & order currency (conversion pixel only).

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