Start Selling

Criteria for Earning from Every Sale

Being a seller you can earn about 70% from each of your creation for remarkable products. So the commission structure will be 70:30 whereas 30% will remain for PurchaseTheme.

The percentage of the commission can be reduced to 20% when you begin to place about 300 characters regarding PurchaseTheme and send us to review the links collecting from other websites.

Faster Release

We can assure you about the faster release of your creation with proper safety and security to your purchasers.

No Enclosed Restrictions

We give an opportunity to sell your creatives with PurchaseTheme. You are welcome to sell from your own themes, plugins, extensions and beyond. We may come to your help for promoting your valuable work and there is nothing harm in that.

Pricing Details of Your Product

Being a seller, you will get full freedom to have control over the pricing details of your work. As it is your creation so you better know of price valuation. You can also change it whenever you wish for.

Pay Close Attention Supervising Your Shop

Stats of Tracks

To update always stay at the top of your offered creation with the minutes of stats.

Bear with The Purchasers

Purchasers are not intended to wait long for getting replies. With us, you will have some assistance as we will keep you posted with your shoppers.

Get Help of Support System

Our service will make ease of responding to the requests with a simple message.

Nitty-Gritty for Designers

PurchaseTheme does not keep any percentage of the stocked model. Therefore, if you are willing to sell anything from such marketplace, you must have a granted license. This license will be used as assurance for your ownership of the selling item. You are also liberated to sell many licenses like this.

In PurchaseTheme, our main focus is you, the designer/developer. We want you to make sure that your hard work and dedication should pay off.

Any of your creation can be sold as many times you want. There is no boundary. But remember being a designer whatever you sell in PurchaseTheme should have a unique content. If you want you can use assets owned by someone else but before that, you need to grant a license permitting you to resell.

Course of Action

We made out the course of action for selling purpose really cool. Initially upload your work, get approval for selling, and then create a portfolio. You can use the same portfolio in some different ways however you want.

Before submitting your work, one of our team members will check them. Our goal is to hold the concern of reproducing without any negativity. We also put our concern in sales to make it broader standards. If our team finds any issue with your uploaded item then your work might not be approved. We also have a room for review as this lets other customers understand whatever they are willing to buy is already tried by someone else and they will not regret after buying.

As soon as the balance you have earned attains to the expanding minimum, you can take it out via PayPal or Payoneer.

PurchaseTheme gives you the opportunity to withdraw at anytime monthly no matter how much you have earned but the amount has to be minimum $50. Also, you can keep it and use to buy items in PurchaseTheme. Another opportunity you will admire is you can also be hired for your contents without paying any commission. PurchaseTheme also gives benefit to the registered sellers. Registered sellers will create contents for our company too and therefore, the rate of commission will cutback up to 20% from 30%. This opportunity will be given for lifetime and the link will hang on there for at least three months.

Set of Laws

We would like to request our sellers to obey these laws and will always be a part of our team:

  • The created contents must hold your own copyright and you are not permitted to submit any conceptions from someone else's creation or tutorials.
  • You need to make a license for the uploaded items. It is important as these are your own innovation and this license wills endowment as permission for reselling. With this, you can also sell third-party assets along with your creation.
  • You can report for any fraudulent activities in PurchaseTheme. The fraudulent activities can be regarding the copyright issue for your own work, intellectual property rights or unpleasant behavior. You can place a report in our Help Center for this.
  • Please do not buy your own content to carry out with the intention of defaming PurchaseTheme or any other designer.
  • You are forbidden to upload any item that restrains explicit profanity, nudity or extreme violence.
  • Whatever is uploaded in PurchaseTheme must be suitable for commercial sale purpose.