8 Great plugin for WordPress, best in 2020

8 Great plugin for WordPress, best in 2020

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One of the main reasons why WordPress has become popular in recent years is the wide support of plugins for WordPress. However, because there are so many options, choosing a good WordPress plugin can be exhausting.

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In this article, you’ll find 8 plugins that we believe every WordPress website owner and developer should know in this year. These are good WordPress plugins that will contribute to your success this year!

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the great plugins for WordPress for those who want to set up an online store. This e-commerce plugin helps you to sell very simply from physical goods to non-physical goods. It also has an extremely large extension library, with all sorts of prices.
What’s more, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, having a platform like WooCommerce for your store is an important bad point in achieving the expected results.

Main feature:
  • Features with a large number of extensions and other plugins for WordPress included.
  • Easy to set up
  • Accept many types of payment.
  • Provides developer-friendly structure.

Recommended for:

Website owners and developers want to sell products or services through WordPress websites. If you are looking for simple WordPress themes that can be easily applied and high quality for your website at a reasonable price, PurchaseTheme.com is the best place for you. This website works with thousands of stores from round the world, especially websites that supply WordPress themes or plugins. They offer coupons, discount codes up to 99%. So make sure you visit PurchaseTheme.com to buy WordPress Themes for a good price.

2. Yoast SEO

Selected as the best WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Yoast SEO is designed to help you publish quality, search engine-friendly content. Because SEO is constantly changing, it is very important when you need a good plugin for WordPress to keep you ready for the changes.

Yoast SEO operates through a unique and lightweight system, letting you know clearly what your content will be like with the search engine. Moreover, you can also know the readability of the article, meaning that it not only supports SEO, it is also optimal for readers.

Yoast SEO is completely free, but it also has a paid version, from $ 69 and up.

Main feature:

  • Page analysis and post WordPress to identify SEO weaknesses.
  • Update page results with the SEO changes that have been applied.
  • Create XML Sitemaps.
  • Create breadcrumbs compatible with WordPress themes.

Recommended for:

Those who want to dominate the primary page of search results.

3. W3 Total CacheW3 Total Cache

In short, a slow website has a huge impact on your traffic and greatly affects your sales results. To fix this, you will need a plugin for WordPress that has caching features such as W3 Total Cache. This plugin will save a version of your site on the user’s computer, meaning your site will load faster for those who visit it often. It is a powerful weapon against slow loading, especially aimed at the rise of the mobile market in 2020

Main feature:

  • Compatible with many types of hosting (runs smoothly on Hostinger) and servers.
  • Caches most elements of the WordPress website.

Recommended for:

Website owners want to speed up web loading.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack is a solution for WordPress developers, this plugin for WordPress is used to increase online traffic, website security, performance monitoring, and more. It includes some modules that can be activated (or not). , and installs itself as a new feature of WordPress.

The main feature of Jetpack is completely free. However, the paid version of this plugin provides backup and security, among other very good features.

Main features

  • Analyze and export website statistical information
  • Protect the website
  • Monitoring website downtime and uptime.
  • Help visitors interact with you and your content through social sharing, premium commenting features, and beautiful contact forms.

Recommended for:

If you need an easy-to-use, fully scalable application, Jetpack is ideal.

5. Key Two Factor Authentication key two factor authentication

Attacks through security holes are on the rise and website hacks become normal, so increasing the security of the website is very important. A common security method is a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which allows you to verify your login via phone. Key Two Factor Authentication plugin is a good plugin for WordPress, even it can be said to be the best and simplest to increase security performance many times.

Once installed, this plugin will help your phone authenticate your WordPress login. You also need to download the software to your phone, which you can set a pin or open with a fingerprint. Once logged in, simply open the app, and scan the code on the screen to sync.

There is a premium version for this plugin, but the free version is enough for most people already.

Main feature:

  • Delete the password entry.
  • Generate and save the key with 2048-bit RSA encryption on the phone.
  • Protect your website from unauthorized access.
  • Help you access all WordPress websites with just one click.

Recommended for:

For safety reasons, Keyy plays an important role in your work.

6. Broken Link CheckerBroken link checker

As the name implies, Broken Link Checker could be a plugin for WordPress that tells you which ones links are causing the error 404. This {can be} vital because your site can be penalized by large search engines if it’s too many errors and broken links.

Once installed, this plugin will monitor your site and provide reports in the WordPress dashboard. There, you can edit the link, or ignore the message. It may take a while to run the test (especially when your website is large) for the primary time, but you’ll leave it and review it later in the dashboard

Main feature:

  • Monitor your site for broken links
  • Notify me if there are any errors, via email or via WordPress dashboard.
  • Block search engine from tracking broken linka

Recommended for:

Those who want to optimize the website, make sure the search engine is as friendly as possible.

7. Contact Form 7

One of the great plugins for WordPress that no one misses on the recommended list is the contact form. Contact forms are the most key for you to speak with visitors. The Contact Form 7 plugin helps you add or customize a contact form into your WordPress website.

Contact Form 7s with ergonomic design to contact customer questions, offers, and messages on the website. Moreover, it supports CAPTCHA, Akismet, and AJax submissions, so your website is safe and your mailbox is not flooded with spam mail.

Main feature:

  • Help you manage contact form on your WordPress site
  • Support custom contact form
  • Help block spam by using CAPTCHA and Akismet.

Recommended for:

Site owners want to display a nice contact form, which attracts visitors to contact them while ensuring confidentiality.

8. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) GADWP

Assessing the current state of online business, website monitoring is the right thing to do from the beginning. The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin will check all the activities of your website, displaying the results directly on the WordPress dashboard.

The installation process is simple, once complete, you will have your own panel on the WordPress screen. Although there are many other similar plugins, GADWP provides a more modern layout and has more information to look up. It is ideal for those who need as much information as possible.

Moreover, A theme is an indispensable component of a WordPress website if you want to do business online. Of course, now there are countless services of trusted companies and especially trusted promotional code sites to get the product you are most satisfied with and the most economical. All stores WordPress are in a shocking discount campaign to help you discount super fast.

Main features:

  • Report visitor information in real-time.
  • Keep track of important website events.
  • Access to some key Google Analytics reports.

Recommended for:

Internet marketers and account owners need to monitor website performance, in real-time.


Due to the popularity of plugins, please forgive if you are overwhelmed by the number and it is difficult to choose good plugins for WordPress. You may be confused, but hopefully, our list above has helped you a bit, and of course, avoid choosing a bad plugin because it directly affects your website, which can lead to serious consequences for the website and for the number of visitors.

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