How to convert PSD to HTML using BOOTSTRAP

How to convert PSD to HTML using BOOTSTRAP

What is PSD to HTML?

1. Design a high fidelity pixel-perfect mock up in photo shop of exactly what you want your site to look like.
2. Use the slice tool to divide your websites imagery and then export it for the web.
3. Write HTML and CSS that utilizes the imagery you exported from photoshop.


In this section the elegant landing page design will be work on the coding part and bootstrap web framework for transforming psd design into a working website.

It will be divided into three sections:
1. The first will be about marking up the HTML.
2. The second will be about applying CSS styles.
3. The third will be on how to make it all responsive.

There are two resources that will used to complete this HTML:
1. Bootstrap
2. Time and patience


Bootstrap is currently used by many different types of web sites including NASA AND MSNBC is currently one of the most popular open source projects on Git Hub.

To convert a PSD image design to a responsive HTML website, the most important step is to write.

Why Bootstrap is the best option?

• Bootstrap is the best option for us at Front End Machine when we convert any client PSD site, as it’s has a huge community, tons of compatible plug-in and snippets. So after we deliver the code to the client he can make any changes or work with another firm easily.
• The Bootstrap systems have set new principles, especially in the field of portable applicable movement. The greatest point
• Of preferences of utilizing Bootstrap is that is accompanies free arrangement of apparatuses for making adaptable and responsive web formats and also regular interface components Additionally by utilizing the Bootstrap information APIs you can make propelled interface segments like scroll spy and Type heads without composing a solitary line of JAVA script. Bootstrap is as now furnished with HTML, CSS AND JAVA script for different web and client interface segments.


For designing any new website template, the first step is to design it in Photoshop and then convert it into HTML for the web developers.

The steps of converting PSD to HTML using Bootstrap are very simple.

• You have to slice the layered PSD file containing the web template design.
• Then you have to download Bootstrap and unzip it.
• Create index. HTML and style CSS for the template.
• In the Index. Html file, you have to initiate Bootstrap in the head section and you have to initiate JAVA script in Body section of index html.
• Then you have to use the available component in Bootstrap in your HTML template.

Therefore, it is essential for you to have complete knowledge of the component available in Bootstrap and where to use those components for faster web template development.

STEP 1– Assuming that you have the PSD file ready with the web design; you need to slice that layered PSD to HTML. This means that all the individual images must be in separate JPG or PNG File, make sure that there is no text in converted to image except the headings as text cannot be an image in the web template. The text has to be added through HTML so that it is readable by search engines.

STEP 2– Make sure that there are not too many image files because the loading time will suffer as multiple HTTP requests have to be sent to over them one by one. In that case, there are too many images files; you have to create CSS Sprite. This controls the images to be displayed as and when required. Therefore the burden is lessened to some extent.

STEP 3– At the last step you have to code out in HTML using BOOTSTRAP CSS AND JS. You should have a separate header body, sidebar and footer. In the header section, the logo, menu and another call to action button must be present. You should separate every section using tag. There should be definite CSS for each tag there should be definite CSS code for re-usability wherever possible.


The web development area is filled with a plenty of powerful technologies that provide consistency and simple to use features to design the responsive website.

To convert PSD to HTML the most typical step is to structure the CSS Code. Thus, the introduction of CSS frameworks is playing a massive role.

Twitter Bootstrap is the most effective Bootstrap framework to write the CSS Code in a simple manner and get rid of the responsive site designing needs.

Development by Twitter, Bootstrap is a combination of JAVA SCIPT, CSS AND HTML, which facilitates multiple advanced features and user friendly components to create a cross – browser compatible and responsive websites.

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So, Bootstrap is featured with 12 column grid that are further contained many responsive attributes powered by advancement technologies, It’s another feature called fluid grid facilitates you to scale the image according to the needs.

With the elevating demand of well constructed PSD to HTML conversion services, requirement of PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion is also growing with the fastest rate.

So, take the right step to choose the best framework for PSD to HTML conversion , which makes your coding task smooth and simple.

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