How to resolve “Specified File Failed Upload Test” error message in WordPress

It is now easy to get rid of the error most commonly faced while uploading image on new installation of wordpress blog.

You need to follow the below steps to resolve the same.

Step 1: Ok, so you are getting this error: “Specified File Failed Upload Test”

Step 2: Login to Godaddy’s Account or login to your hosting account. Go to WHM if you do not have WHM then you have to ask your hosting provider to do the same by following given below steps.

Step 3: Type Multi and using the keywork multi you are able to go to MultipPHP ini Editor. As you can check in below image.

Step 4: Now, you need to check for the php version which you are currently using.

Step 5: Select the php version and below that you will see various setting of variable in that find the variable name ‘file_uploads’ enable that and click on apply.

Message will disable that you have successfully saved your settings:

Step 6: Next, you only need to restart you server and after which you can try uploading your image.

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