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Image credit:, a screenshot of the loading time measurement tool.
Nobody ever likes a slow loading website!

Amid the ever-escalating technological advancements in today’s world, the median browsers have been fashioned in a manner such that they load the web pages, as well as apps hastily without delays. If your website loads slowly then you are on the verge of losing customers who could be interested in your web content. Your potential customers will disregard your website despite it containing their content of interest merely because they don’t have all the time to wait! Yes, they don’t have time to wait for slow loading website and thus will quickly shift to other related websites that waste no time in loading. All the research relating to website performance indicates that attention competition is upscaling each day with the attention spans decreasing, no wonder mega tech companies such as Facebook and Google are pressuring their marketers and retailers to speed up their websites or else be knocked off on their adverts privileges.
Is your webpage slow? If it is, then you have to worry no more! You are at the right platform to rule you out of this menace and get back your potential customers as well as entice new clients to your fast loading website. Below is a list of the website speed test tools that will amicably work on your slow loading website for optimizing web performance. The most exciting thing about these tools is that they are absolutely FREE to use!

Pingdom website speed test tool

Pingdom offers an economical, dependable performance and uptime for your website monitoring. Pingdom also uses more than 70 polling stations for testing and verification of their customers’ websites at any time of the day in 24 hours in the whole year. Pingdom has been designed in such a way that it serves both the webmasters as well as their counterpart novices.

How does it work?

* It gives a percentage of website performance, the load time, page size and the position of your website in relation to other tested websites in percentage.
* Deduce how your website grades against the various parameters of performance from Yahoos Yslow, and Google Page Speed both in the Performance Grade tab in their website.
* It gives a waterfall chart indicating your websites performance, with state colors in the chart bars indicating different stages of a request (DNS, SSL, Connect, Send, Wait, Receive and blocked) as well as content types (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Image, Text/plain, other, warning and redirect.


Image credit A screenshot showing content breakdown by MIME indicating various contents indicated by multiple colors.

Image credit A screenshot showing content breakdown by MIME indicating various contents indicated by multiple colors.

This tool enables one to test their website speed from a variety of locations around the world using genuine browsers such as Chrome and IE at real consumer connection speeds. In addition to running simple tests, one can undertake advanced testing which entails video capture, multi-step transactions, and content blocking among others. Results from testing offer original information of diagnostic entailing page speed optimization checks, resource loading waterfall charts as well as offering suggestions for improvements. In addition, it provides the following advantages

* It generates a waterfall chart of the content breakdown of your website loading status, with different colors that represent various content elements such as css, image, HTML, js, flash, and font among others.
* It provides a detailed account of the time taken to load your page until its complete loading.
* It grades your website speed out of 100% and provides the tips for optimizing your page loading speed. In addition, it is possible to view the screenshots of the stages of loading of your website, under the screenshot section.


Image credit:, a screenshot showing website performance report.

GTMetrix is a handy tool as it involves a detailed study of your website performance report. With GTMetrix:
* You can acquire a copy of your report in pdf version
* You get an insight into how your site loads.
* Provides recommendations on your website speed optimization (as shown in the website above).
* You get your webpage page speed grade along with a Yslow grade.

Stay up, load your web pages quickly, compete favorably!

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