The Privacy Policy for PurchaseTheme has been made up in such a way so that our service holders can be well informed about the privacy issues to deal with our website. We believe in your security and your privacy is precious to us. For this, before becoming a member or using the site covered by two different domains of PurchaseTheme community, we would like you to agree with all the conditions of our Policy.

All the information administrates the collection for you in order to use according to the given information. Your explicit approval to the usage and disclosure of the personal information will get approved and approached this Policy to use the site as soon as you accept the Policies of the Website Terms of Access Agreement.

Regulations for Children

Persons aged below 18 years are children and they are not qualified for using the services of PurchaseTheme will remain unverified. We will submit an inquiry for any submission from children and would like to ask not to send us any request. Children are allowed to borrow the site only in conjunction with the supervision of parents or guardians. Until you are 18 years old, you are also not eligible to use the Membership Section of the Site.

It is also an accountability of parents to observe their children’s use of the site.

Collecting Information

Part 1- General Public

We need to collect personal information in order to provide our clients a secured operational experience. We also encourage you to trade involving buyers and sellers to use to Site as a venue. We take part in collecting some of your personal information to consider the necessary purposes towards the achievement the desired goal.

We also can lose our Policy for you if you do not want to share any of your personal information, in some aspects you can still use the Site.

In your every visit to the website we keep some records of some important information. This information is:

  • IP address or any of your accessed proxy server IP
  • Some essential domain information
  • Sometimes your internet service provider may capture some steady configuration of ISP connection
  • Details of time date of your visit to the website
  • How long did the session continue
  • Which pages did you access
  • How many times have you accessed PurchaseTheme in a month
  • The file size that you have searched
  • Which websites have referred you to PurchaseTheme
  • Which operating does your computer use

This entire information is used for the purpose of statistical and website development issues.

Some of the different pages in our Site may ask for your name and contact details. Such as, to visit the mailing list for getting updates about our newsletter enter competitions, or to allow us to give you some of the linked services like notification system.

While you are using the feedback and support forms of our sites, you may get requests provide some basic information such as your name, organization title, address, email address and telephone number. We can assure that. PurchaseTheme will never collect such information from you through the Site except you are providing it to us with your own accord.

But if you are willingly giving us access to your information during the visit to the site then you will be consent to the collection and usage of all your provided personal information by us.

Our Site uses cookies in different sessions based only on the browsing session. It also expires as soon as you leave the browser. While closing the browser the cookie session is set by the Site and gets destroyed. No personal details will be preserved to identify you in your future browse towards the site.

When you decide PurchaseTheme to be your buy and sell partner, our protocol collects information regarding your buying and selling behavior.

You should also keep in mind that at the time you disclose the information primarily the bulletin boards or in the forum or in the chat areas of the Site or in member pages of the profile; your personal and other related information gets disclosed. The disclosed information will ultimately turn into public information and has options to collect and use it by other parties. We do not have any control over third parties in the bulletin board or chatrooms.

Part 2- Members

Whatever information we collect from our members belongs to the PurchaseTheme Member Section. We use their information:

  • To let them aware of news, information about our activities and general promotional material and we believe that this information may come use to you and us.
  • To watch who is accessing our membership section and using our offered services
  • Also to create a profile of the type of people accessing our site.

It is your choice to give us a chance to buy or sell through our site and therefore we collect information related to your behavior regarding your buying and selling.

If you want to use the payment method which is facilitated throughout the Site, then we are obliged to collect some more required information. Such information is related to billing address, credit card number and also the date when the card expires.

Information Usage and Disclosures

The information that is collected by PurchaseTheme will only use for subsequent purposes:

  • In order to forward some important information that is connected with PurchaseTheme and other demanded information
  • Maintain the response of contacts regarding any of your feedback or query or similar discussion of the services
  • Monitoring the performances of the Site
  • To make improvements in the Site and services provided
  • For some internal administration
  • Some other purposes as per the instructions

The team of PurchaseTheme is committed to not provide any sell, trade or disclosure to any personal information of you that becomes comparable with others to the third party except:

  • You grant us with all your permission; or
  • We have to do it according to the regulations of the law.

Accessing and/or Correction of The Details Provided

For this, you can ask for your personal information. You may place a request for us to correct your actual personal information.

If you want to send us an email you can do that in this address


PurchaseTheme may need to contain links from other sites. Therefore, the Site will not be responsible for such privacy practices for the linked sites. Every underlined words and phrase are hyperlinks to pages and websites and will take you to that in just by a click. We sturdily suggest you read the entire Privacy Policy of the linked websites. They might hold supplementary terms and conditions applied to you too.


PurchaseaTheme has taken all the safety precautions in terms of protecting loss or misuse of, or change or unlawful access to, information under our control. On the other hand, we also ensure that we will not send any encrypted information unless we explicitly inform you about the encryption.

Modification of The Privacy Policy

Throughout the journey of PurchaseTheme, we may need to make some changes in our Policy. We will provide you effective messages with a notice of change available on the Site. Such notice will let you avail another opportunity for 30 days to notify PurchaseTheme authority if you are not agreed with such changes.

Avoiding Provision

PurchaseTheme has adopted an Opt-out service that lets you communicate with the marketing department in case of getting protection from unwanted email communications. If you do not want to receive any marketing communication from us anymore, you can send us an email to this address asking us your requirements. You can simply follow the instructions of Opt-Out section from the returning email that you will receive.

In keeping with your request not to use your personal information in a particular manner or at all, we will approve all the measures reasonable to us in terms of practicing. But we might still need to use or disclose some of the related information if anything happens like following:

  • After sending you such notifications on intended use or disclosure and do not object to such usage or disclosure
  • We have believed that the usage or disclosure is logically necessary for assisting a law enforcement agency or any other responsible agencies for governmental or public security in the performance of their functions
  • It might require by law to disclosure of information.

International Transfer of Information

Our server and information processing of pieces of equipment are located in the Netherlands. For this reason, the entire collection of information will be stored on the server in the Netherlands. All the voluntarily provided information will come to us while using the Site for consenting the collection in order to use the personal information.

Additional Information

If you want to know additional information about PurchaseTheme, you are reluctant to send us email at